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Gas Grid was founded in 2015 to help home owners reduce their dependency from the electrical grid and have more control of their energy usage by switching high consumption appliances to a Gas Grid.

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Over the years our certification has evolved from LPG domestic installers to LPG Commercial as well as domestic and commercial for Natural Gas (Egoli Gas)

One of our main focuses is Gas Compliance certificates for gas installations needed in the sale of a property or for insurance coverage. This gives us the opportunity to correct DIY and non-compliant gas installations. Making existing installations safe and compliant with current regulations.

From inception, it was a very important factor for us to have insurance coverage in place to cover our clients and this was one feature that set us apart from other installers in the market. Giving clients peace of mind that this is not a “fly by night” gas service and infrastructure provider.

I am a plumber and sometimes my clients do not use electric geysers anymore and they want gas geysers, that is when I call Terrence who is a good service provider, he knows his work, he is reliable and his work is very excellent when he does the work he does it on time with no delays, so if there is a delay he communicates and he does not hold you. He cleans after himself and he does not leave any dirt on site.


He did the whole installation and changed it with compliance. He redid it for me and he did an absolutely good job, insanely tidy, he did a way better job, he moved all the gas bottles and reinstalled them against the wall and it looks beautiful, he was very quick and he had people that he was working with and they did it right there and there I never waited and they were very nice as well.

Lindie Rensburg

Terence Lee and the team from Gas Grid have been used on a number of projects, ranging from full installation of residential gas networks to small renovations and compliance certifications. I can highly commend Gas Grid for their overall work and ethics

Ashley Svenson

Gas Installer

Cook & Shower With No Power

Gas Grid is a gas line and appliance installation company on the West Rand servicing clients in the greater Johannesburg area. Keeping to the gas industry standards for gas lines, manifolds and the connection and installation of gas appliances such as gas hobs, stoves, fireplaces, space heaters, gas water heaters or gas geysers. We do commercial application appliance’s like pot boilers, grills and industrial ovens. 

We provide consumers with a safe and efficient alternative to electricity. Gas is a clean, affordable alternative energy option and most suitable for cooking and heating in both a domestic and commercial environment.

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